If you are living with an illness that isolates and overwhelms you at times, you aren’t alone.

Nav-CARE is a new, FREE program designed to address these needs. Specially trained volunteers, with connections to professional health care providers, work with seniors to access resources and services in their community while providing companionship and emotional support. Like a helpful neighbour or friend, Nav-CARE volunteers visit seniors in their home on a regular basis with a focus on enhancing their quality of life.

Nav-CARE has been developed through research and generous funding from national agencies and philanthropic foundations. Nav-CARE supports seniors to live well and independently at home for as long as possible.

According to a recent survey*, one in five seniors say they experience emotional distress and have difficulty coping day to day. Many feel they aren’t getting the support they need to live happier, more fulfilling lives.

*Canadian Institute for Health analysis based on Commonwealth Fund 2016 survey of seniors in 11 countries.

Having a navigator has improved my quality of life. It’s taken a load off of my mind in getting some things done. It’s been a big weight off of my shoulders, so I’m able to relax and not worry about things for the future.

Nav-CARE participant

Watch the video for more information:

By having a navigator, you have someone who is committed to you, cares about you, has the time to listen to you, and is able to understand what you’re going through. And that alone, helps.

Nav-CARE participant

Nav-CARE’s main goal is to improve the quality of life of seniors living at home who need help to live more fulfilling lives. Nav-CARE is particularly helpful for those living with serious illness. Nav-CARE provides early support for seniors, and provides them with a connection to society, someone to lift their spirits, and to help aid them in day-to-day activities. Nav-CARE also provides an opportunity for volunteers to participate in making their communities a better, more compassionate place. These volunteers come to know their communities well and help to connect seniors to what is available to them.

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