Meet Bob

Bob lives with Parkinson’s and a disability that left him with limited use of one of his hands and unable to work. He also suffered from depression and just prior to joining the Nav-CARE program, Bob’s wife died from cancer. Most of his family does not live in the same community, leaving Bob alone often.

Bob saw an ad in the paper for Nav-CARE and felt that the service could benefit him since he often felt alone and unsupported.

Over the course of a year in the program, Bob received regular visits from a volunteer navigator both in his home and over the phone. He looked forward to each and every visit. When Bob was asked how the service benefited him he replied, “The volunteer kept me company. She helped me just by talking to me. I think I would have gone into a very deep depression had I not been a part of the service.”

Based on his experiences with Nav-CARE, Bob felt strongly that the program would be beneficial to anyone who is limited by health issues and could use extra care even if it is just talking about their difficulties with a friendly volunteer.