Meet Joe

Joe describes himself as very enthusiastic about having the support of a volunteer navigator over the course of a year. It was the tailoring of services based on his particular needs that Joe praised when asked to share what he appreciated most about the Nav-CARE program.

While his health had been fairly stable over the course of his participation in Nav-CARE, there were times when he was recovering from cancer treatments when he and his wife found themselves needing assistance in their home. Not having family nearby to call on, the volunteer navigator was able to connect them to in-home services including cooking, cleaning and carpentry.

Another perk of the program that Joe found extremely beneficial was the ability of the navigator to research topics for him and to provide information about resources he may need down the road as his illness advances, such as hospice.

Joe also really valued the “intangible” support offered at each and every visit when he opened up to the navigator about his thoughts and feelings in relation to living with a life-limiting illness.

“It’s nice to have the support of somebody who I could complain to or tell my full situation to without feeling like I was burdening a friend.”

Joe emphasized that the positive connection he was able to establish with the navigator was facilitated by the visits being conducted in his home. For him it was reassuring to know that the navigator was able to see where and how he lived. This, Joe felt, gave a more complete picture of his needs in light of his home, health and community.

Knowing that somebody was “ready and willing to go to bat” for him and who had a complete understanding of his circumstances was very comforting.