Client Stories

Meet Peter

“This service was a 10/10”, says Peter. “It was very important to me. Just having somebody to talk to, someone that you trust.”   At the time Peter joined Nav-CARE he was in his late 80’s and living on a rural property outside of town with his wife. He struggled with several health issues that … Continue reading Meet Peter

Meet Bob

Bob lives with Parkinson’s and a disability that left him with limited use of one of his hands and unable to work. He also suffered from depression and just prior to joining the Nav-CARE program, Bob’s wife died from cancer. Most of his family does not live in the same community, leaving Bob alone often. … Continue reading Meet Bob

Meet Monica

Monica is in her 60’s and has advanced cancer. She lives at home with her husband who also has a life-limiting illness. Although Monica was still able to manage day-to-day living without requiring much support, the medications were making it increasingly more difficult for her to “think straight”.  Adding to the uneasiness brought on by … Continue reading Meet Monica

Meet Clara

Clara’s quality of life was severely impacted when her health took a turn for the worse. Chronic, debilitating pain left Clara with many unmet needs including feeling isolated and overwhelmed. Other than receiving support from a mental health worker, Clara did not qualify for any other health services in her rural community where she lived … Continue reading Meet Clara

Meet Joe

Joe describes himself as very enthusiastic about having the support of a volunteer navigator over the course of a year. It was the tailoring of services based on his particular needs that Joe praised when asked to share what he appreciated most about the Nav-CARE program. While his health had been fairly stable over the … Continue reading Meet Joe

Meet Sylvia

Aging, chronic illness, and caregiving left Sylvia feeling invisible. It wasn’t until she began participating in the Nav-CARE program that she started to feel encouraged again.